Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miskatonic Valley in Prim Perfect!

We have the honor of being Prim Perfect's Sim(s) of the Month for October! Read and enjoy, and thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Darke Carnival

Darke Carnival, originally uploaded by Ceres Eilde.

It's our big Halloween event! Miskatonic Valley presents A Darke Carnival, with events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This is an event not to be missed, so please come by!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Under the sea...

Kingsport shoreline, originally uploaded by Ceres Eilde.

Both Kingsport and Dunwich have multiple shoreline plots available-- and there's no limit to how far down you can go! These lots are perfect for Deep Ones or merfolk. Renting in Miskatonic Valley has its privileges; you receive full terraforming and other parcel rights for the price of rental only. Come check out the scenery, pay the box, and you'll be contacted within 24 hours to transfer land ownership.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Miskatonic Gardens, originally uploaded by Else Barnard et al..

Miskatonic Valley has a Flickr pool! Join to post your pictures taken in Miskatonic Valley. We'll be featuring some of them on this blog regularly. Give me things to post!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dreadful. Simply dreadful.

I've neglected this blog shamefully, haven't I?

Don't think for a moment that Miskatonic Valley isn't alive and well. Our residents list is growing slowly but steadily-- and the people who live in the Valley are some of the neatest people in SL. We're having a great time with you, Miskatonians! And you reading this, if you're a neat person, we'd love for you to come join us. :)

We have two major announcements:

1. October 22-25 is Darke Carnival time! We will have rides, games, and shows, including a Monster Cabaret and a Most Beautiful Virgin contest!* This is the biggest event of our year, so we hope to see a lot of you there.

2. Prim Perfect Magazine's October issue will feature Miskatonic Valley as its Sim(s) of the Month. Some of the best writers and photographers in SL have come together to investigate Arkham's deepest secrets! We've had a great time hosting them, and we look forward to welcoming Prim Perfect's readers to our community.

As an aside, we still have quite a few shopfronts, homes, and warehouses available for rental. If you're looking for a place to expand your store, now is a good time to rent, before the anticipated increase in traffic. And if you're looking for a home, rent now before they're all gone! Rent is on a per prim basis, at L$3.5 per prim per week. Though the number of prims is set in the current rent boxes, they can be adjusted to a custom allowance. IM Menry Miggins inworld or email Menry.Miggins@gmail.com to discuss.

October is a busy month, but it's all very exciting! We hope to see you around the Valley soon!

*Actual virginity not required.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, this is frustrating. Blogger insists on cutting off the right side of the invitation graphic, so my nifty picture won't show up correctly! To view the actual invite, go here. For those who don't feel like clicking through, here's the text:


May Eve was Walpurgis Night, when Hell's blackest evil roamed the earth and all the slaves of Satan gathered for nameless rites and deeds. It was always a very bad time in Arkham, even though the fine folks up in Miskatonic Avenue and High and Saltonstall Streets pretended to know nothing about it.

Join Arkham's inhabitants for a celebration of the darkness before springtime.

Sunday, 3 May, 2009
12:00 - 3:00 PM SLT
Arkham Village Green

Arkham 205, 87, 47

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nearly there!

We've been concentrating so hard on building Miskatonic Valley that we let the opening sneak up on us! Our deepest apologies, but we're intent on making everything perfect, so we're postponing the opening for one week. The merchants' introductory party will be held on March 21, and the grand opening will be March 28. If you're a merchant and you want to be sure you're invited, comment here or IM Ceres Eilde inworld, and we'll be sure to add you to our invite list!

As for building, at long last, all the buildings are built! We are in the process of tweaking the roads and setting up the main landing area, which should be accomplished this week.

If anyone wants to settle in Dunwich or Kingsport, the two residential/large store sims, better hurry! Properties are steadily being rented. Rent for a 4096 parcel is L$6840 per month or L$2000 per week. We're collecting a great group of people, and we would love you to join us!

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's almost ready!

After huge amounts of work from all of us, we have a tentative opening date! Miskatonic Valley's grand opening will be held on March 21, time TBD. We'll also be holding a pre-opening party for merchants on March 14. We are so excited that all our work is about to pay off!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

University, rental houses, and the Church of Starry Wisdom

All of these are now present in Arkham. The church is not entirely finished, but should be by the weekend.

We are coming closer to our pre-opening! If you are interested in renting shop space, please IM me or Candace Bethune, and we will reserve a shop for you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Development Progresses

Greetings, all, Miss Eilde here with another update on Arkham construction.

With all but two shops built, Arkham is turning into quite the town! New additions include the bay, into which the Miskatonic River empties, and the boardwalk surrounding the shopping area. Thanks go to Miss Candace Bethune for her work on these!

Our newest building, still under construction, is the Starry Wisdom Church. This promises to be a wonderful showpiece when finished. Up next will be Miskatonic University, our main community building. Wait till you see the programs we have planned here!

If you're interested in looking around Arkham, feel free to stop by (see SLurls to the left). And as before, Kingsport and Dunwich are open for residential and commercial use!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Arkham rising

Greetings, all, Miss Ceres Eilde here, reporting on building progress in Arkham.

The layout of three-quarters of the sim is complete, and last night the MVA paved the roads. Construction has begun on low-prim, inexpensive shops and apartments all along (what will be) the boardwalk by the sea. We expect to finish up this week, barring any errant weather or interference from cultists. Not that we at the MVA believe in any of their nonsense, of course, but... strange things do seem to happen when they chant in those unusual languages.

If you are a builder, and are interested in participating in the construction of the town of Arkham, we welcome your help! And if you are interested in locating a shop in Arkham, please contact Miss Eilde, Miss Candace Bethune, or Mr. EAR Oh. We would be happy to work with you to build a shop to your specifications.

Larger plots in Dunwich and Kingsport are still available. If a building is desired as well, we are most pleased to consult or take commissions.

Visit Dunwich

Visit Kingsport

Visit Arkham

Though we are actively building, we welcome visitors to Arkham in advance of the opening. Please feel free to stop in to see Arkham grow!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miskatonic Valley is now open

"And this is good old Miskatonic,

The home of the bean and the cod.

Where the Marshes talk only to Whateleys,

And the Whateleys talk only to Nyarlathotep."

We at the Miskatonic Valley Authority are happy to announce that the residential/commercial sims of Kingsport and Dunwich are open for rental. Miskatonic Valley is a three-sim (so far) dark Victorian/steampunk community, with friendly and accommodating staff.

We welcome designers who are looking for main store space, as well as those who want a home of their own where that creaking at night may not just be the trees.

For more information, or to take a tour of Miskatonic Valley, IM Candace Bethune, EAR Oh, or Ceres Eilde. Still to come: the grand opening of Arkham, our main commercial sim, with rental apartments, shops, and activities hosted at Miskatonic University.

May Greath Cthulhu eat you first.