Friday, January 23, 2009

Development Progresses

Greetings, all, Miss Eilde here with another update on Arkham construction.

With all but two shops built, Arkham is turning into quite the town! New additions include the bay, into which the Miskatonic River empties, and the boardwalk surrounding the shopping area. Thanks go to Miss Candace Bethune for her work on these!

Our newest building, still under construction, is the Starry Wisdom Church. This promises to be a wonderful showpiece when finished. Up next will be Miskatonic University, our main community building. Wait till you see the programs we have planned here!

If you're interested in looking around Arkham, feel free to stop by (see SLurls to the left). And as before, Kingsport and Dunwich are open for residential and commercial use!

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