Sunday, January 11, 2009

Arkham rising

Greetings, all, Miss Ceres Eilde here, reporting on building progress in Arkham.

The layout of three-quarters of the sim is complete, and last night the MVA paved the roads. Construction has begun on low-prim, inexpensive shops and apartments all along (what will be) the boardwalk by the sea. We expect to finish up this week, barring any errant weather or interference from cultists. Not that we at the MVA believe in any of their nonsense, of course, but... strange things do seem to happen when they chant in those unusual languages.

If you are a builder, and are interested in participating in the construction of the town of Arkham, we welcome your help! And if you are interested in locating a shop in Arkham, please contact Miss Eilde, Miss Candace Bethune, or Mr. EAR Oh. We would be happy to work with you to build a shop to your specifications.

Larger plots in Dunwich and Kingsport are still available. If a building is desired as well, we are most pleased to consult or take commissions.

Visit Dunwich

Visit Kingsport

Visit Arkham

Though we are actively building, we welcome visitors to Arkham in advance of the opening. Please feel free to stop in to see Arkham grow!

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